Iron Monkey

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Iron Monkey Movie Review

This film was directed by one of the best masters in martial arts flims in Asia, which has been famous for other excellent movies outside of Asia. He has been the choreographer for movies such as The Matrix, Tiger and Dragon and Kill Bill. Yue Woo Ping has been the director in some many films that have become classic of the genre of martial arts and and was the person responsible for lifting Jackie Chan’s career t new heights, when their attempt to make him the new Bruce Lee failed. This film is a gem, one of those films you don’t forget and that will always be in the best movie list for this category, in other words a masterpiece.

Iron Monkey is an Asian Robin Hood, a hero that steals from the rich to give it to the poor. His battle is against an evil and cowardly governor. His biggest enemy is the palm technique assassin, which will push Iron Monkey to make an alliance with a Kung Fu Expert to defeat the enemies. The setting is a very small Chinese village, with bad crops and a corrupt governor that exploits the people without no mercy. The only who opposes him, is a masked hero know as Iron Monkey. When the herb and martial arts expert, Wong Kei Ying and his son Wong Fei Hung reach the village, they are tricked by the governor in order to capture the foreigner. However, the arrival of a group of Shaolin monks pushes this 2 warriors to join forces and combat the oppression.

This is a film that has excellent choreography, a sense of humor and a few signs of drama, which doesn’t affect the funny tune. The main actors, Yu Rong Guang and a young Donnie Yen give the film a great balance. Their fighting scenes are impressive and have outstanding visuals. With a simple argument the film shines for the geniality of it’s action scenes and the superb choreography. Not to mention that humor, which is very unique and presented in a way that keeps you interested in the movie and entertains you. This movie will not bore you, it doesn’t have highs and lows but is constant in it’s delivery and ends up being one of the best humorous fighting movies you will see.

We have, throughout the whole movie a great cast, where we see Donnie Yen at his best, filming one of his most important roles at the time. He’s solid, spectacular and we could see the potential, which made him the star he is today. Yu Rong Guang and Donnie Yen make an explosive duo during the entire movie.

In conclusion, an elegant film, with class and a story that will surely entertain the fans of the genre.

Ninja Rating 7/10

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