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The Matrix Movie Review


With 10.3 million dollars Warner Bros wanted to make The Matrix happen. The Wachowski brothers realized this was not enough, so they went ahead and got the first scene of the movie done, Trinity in a leather outfit trying to escape through the buildings. The result was a blank check from the studio and The Matrix had everything it needed to be successful. The Matrix is one of the biggest action and science fiction films in the 21st century.

The Matrix is one of those miracles that we rarely see in the theaters, a great story with an excellent script, an awesome rhythm, brilliant scenes, high level music and directors that know how to innovate.  The right combination of elements mixed together in the right quantities that many years after, still has its place among the great films of our century.


A big part of the success the film has is the story, I mean who can come up with such a complex and entertaining story? The action scenes are simple masterful and surely revolutionized the genre. The combination of philosophy with apocalyptic world, a war between man and machine and awesome visuals works extremely well. In The Matrix you could discover a new detail every time you watch it that might have seemed insignificant at the time but all of a sudden it makes total sense. The Matrix is more than impressive action scenes, is an experience.

The concept and idea behind it is great but the best part is the script. Once you discover and analyze the movie's real background, you start realizing that although the main idea of man versus machine might not be completely original, but the script and the world around it makes The Matrix something special.  The movie has fascinating dialogues that are not only great but deceiving, a camouflage to block the reality from our eyes. A reality so simple to explain but so complex in it's explanation and a fantastic structure of highs and lows to reveal and give you time to process the information. Without a doubt this movie is brilliant, the characters are very well defined, charismatic, with a mystery that surrounds them that is an incredible stimulant for your mind. The were able to transfer it so well into the big screen, that is amazing.

The visual style of the film was another success, with an underground theme mixed with cyberpunk elements, which go very well with the best parts of the film and the awesome action scenes that we had never seen before. The so called, "bullet time" was a great achievement for the movie and for Hollywood as a whole, a technique that has been repeated thousands of times since. This technique plus the impressive choreography of martial arts and intense shootings, made The Matrix an experience like no other and when it comes to the action genre, it has not been outdone.


Not to mention, the spectacular lineup of starts this movie has. A Keanu Reeves that couldn't be better as Neo, a Lawrence Fishburne that gives the film the mysticism and leadership that Morfeo brings. A Hugo Weaving that interprets one of the best villains ever in agent Smith and a Carrie-Anne Moss that becomes the hero with the fantastic Trinity. This movie also has some secondaries that shine like Joe Pantoliano, Gloria Foster and Marcus Chong.

‘The Matrix’ eThe Matrix is without a doubt an excellent movie for the action genre fans. A rating well deserved due to the great script, the action scenes and a story so irresistible as visually brilliant. Many years after is still one of the best movies of our century and it has been copied numerous times unsuccessfully. A masterpiece that marked history as before and after. A unique gem.

Ninja Rating 10/10

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