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Mortal Kombat is a great series of games with an amazing legacy and a true focus on fighting as well as violence. I feel that Mortal Kombat X, the latest entry in the series manages to successfully take the experience to new heights by adding in a nice story as well as new game modes that keep the ball rolling and offer a fresh, exciting and new gameplay.



While I feel that Mortal Kombat X doesn’t have the story that Injustice has, it does manage to create a good premise to help take the experience to new heights. It’s a really exciting and fun way to meet the new characters such as Ferra/Tor for example but honestly the story is nothing spectacular. It does its job right and you do get a good understanding of the powers and new mechanics which is really important.


I really enjoy the idea that characters can interact with the environment because this does add a new layer of gameplay and it’s a very enjoyable one as well. Basically, you can grab rocks and throw them towards the enemy or you can get a cart from the background. While many of these are easy to spot, you do need special combos in order to get them into the game, you can find lists for this online.

Mortal Kombat Raiden

Raiden – Mortal Kombat

Moreover, the combinations and combo variations that you can check out are astounding here and they did re-integrate the sprint gauge that does tend to offer an immense set of features and great results as a whole. The sprint gauge was one of the most important portions of the previous MK games especially the first in the series, but with MK X you find this to be a seamless portion of the gameplay. You know when your character is unable to spring or not and thus it will be easier to strategize efficiently!

Brutalities are interesting but just like the entire game, they do suffer from a lot of gore and thus people need to be accustomed to that. The variety of characters added here does play really well with the large number of game modes, because you can easily make combinations and enjoy the experience as you see fit.

Finishers areas fun as they are brutal and they just manage to make the entire experience more immersive. The animations are very good this time around and combined with some really gruesome moves you can indeed obtain immediate access to amazing attacks. I am impressed with the way Mortal Kombat has addressed multiplayer as well because they want a lot of focus on competition and because of that it’s very easy to create tournaments online.


The offline modes are also refined and overall you get plenty of content that you will appreciate and enjoy at all times.


Honestly, Mortal Kombat X is a huge improvement over the predecessor which was a little cartoony for me. The focus here is on realism at least when it comes to the attacks and physics, however the backgrounds are diverse and many of them are fantasy themed. Interacting with the backgrounds is a complete pleasure and it actually influences the gameplay quite a bit.



Mortal Kombat X does have a killer soundtrack and the action does blend seamlessly with the stuff you find on screen. The sounds on their own are also very good and you do feel that you get quite a lot of value here which is a true plus.

Overall, Mortal Kombat X is a great fighting game and despite the fact that it does have quite a lot of DLC packs and the PC port doesn’t really run that well, it does offer great gaming moments. Even if you didn’t play the rest of the series, this is a great starting point because it does integrate many of the old school features, but everything is presented in a very nice and refined way. If you are a person that likes games as a whole, you might want to check this title as it’s great!

“We give it a Movie Ninjas rating of 9/10

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3 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat X – Game Review

  1. George

    Mortal Kombat is such a classic game, I’ve played it from the beginning and I just can’t get tired from it. I do like that you can take objecta from the background as use. It Definitely has improved after 10 versions.


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